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Bernadette's lice removal

We use Picky Pam Pure enzymes to kill lice and remove nits.  Our products are all natural, multi-enzyme-based, non-toxic, non-abrasive and hypoallergenic. They are comprised of naturally occurring organic materials combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients.
What are the ingredients? 
Filtered and purified water and natural enzymes including protease, lipase, cellulase, and amylase.  There are NO pesticides in our products! 
non toxic all natural lice removal

How do they work? 
The enzymes in the product destroy the exoskeleton of the louse, thereby killing it. It also loosens the glue that attaches the nits to the hair shaft, thereby making removal much easier.

Unlike other products that can have dangerous side effects and that are becoming increasingly ineffective, our products do the job…. safely and efficiently!

Compare Picky Pam Pure to the competition and learn about the Picky Pam difference.

Visit our OTC Information to learn more about the dangerous side effects of the active ingredients used by our competition.

Terminator Comb
We sell a full line of hair care accessories including the same lice comb we use in our shop.  The Terminator is a patented comb that pulls away the nits from the hair, injures them at different points with "exclusive micro-grooved teeth of tempered steel" without harm to hair.  The high precision Terminator is the top rated lice comb that can be sterilized for use on the entire family. 

Product Pricing

Head Lice Spray 16oz
Head Lice Spray 32oz $60
Head Lice Spray 1 gallon $210 
Picky Pam Terminator Comb$20
Picky Pam Pure House Spray 32oz squat trigger bottle
Picky Pam Pure House Spray 176 fl oz pre filled in a reusable, slim profile, pump sprayer with extension wand and and shut off hose assembly.  DIYer Delight
Lice Shampoo 16oz   $12
Lice Shampoo  1/2 gallon $45 
Lice Conditioner 16oz
Lice Conditioner 1/2 gallon $45 
Mint Lice Repelling Spray 8oz   $12
Large Detangling Comb   $5 
Total Package Tote Bag
-Picky Pam Pure Head Lice Treatment Spray (32oz)
-Picky Pam Pure House Louse Treatment Spray (32oz)
-Picky Pam Terminator Comb
-Mint Repellent Spray
-Detangling Comb
-Terminator Comb Cleaning Brush
-Shampoo (16oz)
-Conditioner (16oz)
-Treatment Protocol - step by step instructions
-24/7 phone support
Lice Free in 1-2-3 Home Treatment Kit (treats 2 people)
- Lice Neutralizer - Dimethicone (8 oz)
- Picky Pam Pure Head Lice Spray (32 oz)
- Picky Pam Terminator Comb
- Large Detangling Comb
- 4 shower caps
- Treatment protocol - step-by-step instructions
- 24/7 phone support

All online orders are shipped in USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to the U.S. only. Delivery time is 1-3 days.  If you order multiple items, we will combine items into boxes and credit your account for unnecessary shipping charges.  If you need guaranteed overnight delivery, please call us at 330-348-0514 for shipping quote and to place your order.

Lice Neutralizer MSDS

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