Head Lice Treatment


Face it: Hair lice happens.  Getting rid of lice is no easy task. Picky Pam Lice Removal is proud to offer her special brand of head lice treatment and support to de-stigmatize and decimate the occurrence of head lice, with professional services, based on scientific protocol and head lice prevention education. Our clients will know how to treat lice.  Our lice removal service uses a potent combination of pesticide free, all natural, hypoallergenic, enzymes and other scientifically proven methods to eradicate head lice. 

Summer Special

Every family receives a Picky Pam Professional Terminator Comb with full service treatment.  

A $20 value

Our staff is highly trained in multiple disciplines of head lice diagnostics and treatment.  And we have the recommendations of many local pediatricians, nurse practitioners and school nurses in many of our nearby cities and counties.  Because we are true believers in 'knowledge is power' we offer to share our technical expertise with you, so that your next encounter with head lice will be of your choice; you will have the skills and tools to take care of business yourself or you might prefer our expedited protocol of lice and nit removal.

We know that this is a stressful occurrence and you have our word that we will be with you every step of the way!

"Proudly serving our family, friends and neighbors (near & far) since 2011"

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